Tamiya ryu Iaijutsu. Koran no Maki – the second volume by Takeda N. Sensei – Iaido Kyoshi 7th Dan. The following is a brief description of these kata. There are 43 iai kata with no particular order, but 7 are considered basic. Properly speaking, Shinkage-ryu does not contain iaijutsu techniques, it is strictly a.

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Nuki-uchi — simple, fast cut. The world now seeks this spirit of Budo.

Iaijutsu is a martial art. Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Iaijutsu Jikishin. Big step forward to get up. Tai-ryu — big dragon. Iaijutsu is the art of a face-to-face, and perhaps spirit-to-spirit confrontation.

Tsunami comes from far away. Ikeda Takashi Seiko 18th H. This is an often returning defensive position. Koshirae New Domain – www.

Mugen Shinto Ryu Iaijutsu kata – Rakushinkan

It’s just a kiri oroshi with less speed and power. Taka-no-tsume — elbow grab like a hawk on a rabbit Mojiri Tachi The twisting sword One opponent to the rear.


Grab the saya and noto. Konoha-otoshi — falling leaf, otoshi… small wind, but leave falls. The second opponent is slightly to the right, enter with the left foot in kasumi, step forward with the right and cut down.

Gohon Me no Kata. Back in the late s, the then-headmaster, Nagaoka Fusashige Toreiwas an assistant instructor shihan hosa of the then-head of the Shinkage-ryu.

Tamiya ryu Iaijutsu

Kai-shaku — help to commit harikiri. Tanimura Kame no Jo Yorikatsu Sugio. Mugen Shinto Ryu Iaijutsu kata. Most iaijutsu historians agree that the inspiration for the name Eishin-Ryu came from the name of the 7th generation headmaster, Hasegawa Chikaranosuke Eishin.

Shinkage ryu Iai

Just like the moon is unmoved by movement of the water, so your kokoro should be unmoved by people with pointy objects In addition to its meditative focus on calmness, Iaijutsu also emphasizes awareness, precision, efficiency and centering related to handling the sword and the self. Oguro Motoemon Kiyokatsu Tanimura-ha 12th Headmaster: Un-ryu — cloud dragon Kaga as in hirakinuki. One step to the left. Kai-shaku — help to kta harikiri 6.


Iai is about not giving up, never quitting and seeing yourself through to the end. Once the perceived assailants have been deterred, the sword is cleaned and re-sheathed.

How many innovations, trial and errors have formed this ryu. To rei for start and finish looked the same to me.

Komei Jyuku characterizes the association of Iaijutsu for personal development, through the daily living of the spirit of Budo. More ktaa of my nicest katana. The same as Sa Tetsu but with the enemy on the right. An art–but a martial art.

Repeat the cut chiburi without shifting the body.

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