casting. Casting Simulation Suite. ProCAST / QuikCAST. Shot Sleeve Modeling in. High Pressure Die Casting. Courtesy of Mofopress. I am trying to do a cast simulation with ESI procast. I managet Do you have any tutorial to be as a guide to me for ProCAST ?? Xecus is. ESI ProCAST v Suite Win Platform:Win7/WIN8; Freshtime: 19; Tag:ESI ProCAST v procast tutorials training.

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The Through Plane option will compute and display traces only for particles that have crossed the plane. Click on Open button to execute the session file. Objective In this lrocast, you will learn how to use Visual-CAST to visualize the stored particles with various options, and to generate new particle traces for Full Path and End Point.

Introduction to ProCAST | myESI

The Model Window, lrocast you can see all model-related operations on right-click. After the completion of the above operations, the drawing block appears as shown below: Notes on Tutorials and Software Running the tutorials The tutorials and accompanying End points are calculated and displayed with the default contour Particle Length.

In the Synchronize panel, click on Synch to synchronize the model window and the plot window. The model window is updated with the fluid velocity pdocast. Click on the One Window icon in the Template toolbar to change the two window template of Page 3 to a one window template. In the Insert Table panel that is posted, modify the number of Rows as 6 and Columns as 4.


ESI ProCAST v Suite Win64

In the Contour Panel, select the picture type as Slice ezi visualize the contour in slice mode. Similarly, the other contour category and result types are executed.

Select the Preview option to view the preview using the Page toolbar. Click on icon to change the default window template to 4-window template.

Software Tutorial,Education –

The model is updated with the available vectors, with the default color set as White. Outline Loading Simulation Data Files In the Results list of the Contour Panel, change the default result to Shrinkage Porosity to visualize the porosity with the Cutoff value above 1. Select the first point, as shown pdocast Objective This tutorial describes in brief the general features including the graphical user interface, menus, Explorer and Command window of Visual-CAST.

The tutorials are designed to serve the needs of engineers, students, teachers and the casting community at large, who routinely use Visual-CAST as post-processing software.

The model is loaded with the default contour result category Thermal and result type Temperature.

SurePro Solutions, Inc. October 2016 Newsletter

Click on Save prkcast to export the geometry with opposite displacements. Temperature results are plotted with node intervalas shown in P2W2. Click on Close button to close the panel and turn off the stored particle traces. Change the Name to X Datum. All windows are animated with? The Command Console Window, where Viewer commands are executed. Altair HyperMesh Tutorials – pudn.


Check all the results shown with the status Not present. Ensure that the required contents are captured in the preview and suitably modify the text location, fonts and other attributes. Overwrite and Update options are useful while the solver is running. Change the tab to Toolbars.

The models it asks you to use are. Click on the Delete button to delete the defined planes. Select Semi Auto option.

The Export Page Movie panel is posted. Esi procast tutorials List of ebooks and manuels about Esi procast tutorials.

The spectrum in the model window is updated with minimum temperature value as 25 and maximum temperature value as Click on the Two Window icon on. Click on Last Frame icon. Click esk Unit Conversions icon in the Tools toolbar. From the posted Color panel, select any color.

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