Options can be a useful addition to your investment arsenal, but understand how they application-based education at Products 1 – 10 of 11 Stock Trading Course: INVESTools PhD Core Course – INVESTools Van Tharp Trade INVESTools Advanced Options PhD core course. thinkorswim Inc., Investools’ financial technology pioneer and industry-leading online brokerage firm, is focused on providing services to self-directed options.

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Backtesting Investools website did not provide clients with proper backtesting tools. Trade with volatility on your optuons. Like most software today, the toolbox was recycled technology with a new interface applied. Sure, Thinkorswim has an antiquated one, but OptionColors has the fastest backtester in the world. So, Investools was closed down optione TD Ameritrade. You have to try out OptionColors to really appreciate it.

Investools toolbox never helped a trader locate which options to buy and sell because they never had the technology — it did not exist with Investools, nor TOS.

Tsunami vs Traditional Backtesting. Traders need to save time and get information instantly.

Investools did not provide higher order Greeks to traders. Put probability on your side by having the ability to see over and undervalued options, which are invisible in traditional software. If a trader is constantly switching from ticker to ticker, they never master their products. Investools Replacement is Here. Statistically, chart patterns do not generally work. Make the first move, and inveztools the markets come to you from now on.

Statistically, chart patterns do not generally work. Big Chart Big Chart was neat idea, but the application is for equity traders, not options. Great marketing, but investkols it help traders make money? Chart Patterns Tested We coded a script to backtest the accuracy of most popular chart patterns, and results demonstrated knvestools the majority of them do not predict direction with any degree of accuracy.


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If you break down the 3 green arrow system, again, it was designed for equity trading, not options. Volatility That is where the money is at, but TDA did not teach it much.

Investools replacement is right here. Trade commission—free for 60 days.

INVESTools PhD Core Course

Open a new account today. We have numerous pending patents related to volatility. Portfolio Margin PM can be fantastic, but one has to have the right tools and information, especially related to the risk models, to trade it. If you are open to a new approach built on innovative logic, one that has all the colors and curves of the toolbox, but has much better logic, then OptionColors is the new options software you are seeking.

Higher order Greeks are an essential part of options trading and analysis. We started when portfolio margin first became available to the public. A fully immersive curriculum Real coaches with real experience will walk you through a range of investing and trading topics to help make you a more informed investor. Big Chart Big Chart was neat idea, but the application was for equity trading, not options.

OptionColors is the premier platform to learn how to trade PM because we have higher order Greeks and the volatility tools needed to analyze risk more accurately. Buy hey, we did keep the good looks that Investools clients got used to. In-person events Grow as an investor and network with others at our in-depth educational seminars on trading and investing.


Investools Replacement | OptionColors Volatility Trading Options Software

Make more educated decisions and trade smarter. Join the SJ Options Newsletter. OptionColors provides all important higher order Optios charts to clients, helping them manage trades like true risk managers. Again, designed for equity trading, not options. No fluff, no loss of time, just tools options traders need to trade smart.

Yet another great advertising piece — enter a trade with 3 green arrows! Use statistics to calculate probability, use higher order Greeks to manage vega, buy low and sell high investoos and over again.

Your email address will not be published. TDA tools never helped a trader locate which options to buy and sell because they never had the invedtools — it did not exist with Investools, nor TOS. Their students believed and followed their advice, but was it ever really tested? That is why we give you a wide range of investing resources such as timely articles and videos, an immersive curriculum, webcasts, and engaging in-person events — all accessible on your preferred platform, whether that’s desktop or mobile.

Lots of people are complaining about being left out in the dark. That is where the money is at, but TDA did not teach it correctly, and the Investools toolbox did not contain beneficial tools to profit from it.