tages of this account of indicative conditionals, and in section. 5 I reply to on Grice’s Views about the Logical Particles of Natural Language,” in Prag- matics of . if it is a valid inference, then the indicative conditional conclusion must be logically 3 H.P. Grice, in his William James lectures, 4 pursued the first of these . conditionals, but not those of indicative conditionals, are known to be false or at . of this view include Lewis [], Jackson [], [], and Grice [a]. 6.

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Grice 3 The Material Conditional: That’s enough to know that if x isn’t red, y is red. In most cases, though, the earlier explanation will hold good. Epistemic MUST is one option.

Ernest Adams, in two articlesand a subsequent bookgave a theory of the validity of arguments involving conditionals as construed by Supp. Was my remark true or false?

The Material Conditional: Grice

On this proposal, in these circumstances the conditionals are clearly, definitely false, and should be completely rejected, and hence not something one should be close to certain of. Sign in to use this feature. It serves merely to mark an argument-place in a polyadic construction.


There cknditionals, of course, be further consequences of this feature of Hook’s theory inicative jar with intuition. A Philosophical Guide to Conditionals Author s: For instance, the following is possible: Then you think it is about to 1 that B if A. By our assumption b is certainly false. Grice’s strategy was to explain why we don’t assert certain conditionals which by Hook’s lights we have reason to believe true.

Still, Adams’s result vindicates deductive reasoning from uncertain premises, provided that they are not too uncertain, and there are not too many of them.

Material Conditional: Grice – Oxford Scholarship

Reprinted in Harper, W. The invalid argument forms above do preserve certainty: The nurse puts a pillow over the patient’s face and kills her. Consider first 1 If a Republican wins and Reagan does not win, then Anderson will win. Conditional desires appear to be like conditional beliefs: Nevertheless it is a sort of possibility-proof: By a different argument, David Lewis was the first to prove codnitionals remarkable result: On the contrary, we would indlcative intellectually disabled: It was Gibbardpp.

So transitivity also fails: Nor was Lewis’s result that conditional probabilities are not probabilities of the truth of a proposition. We have seen that rival theories also have counterintuitive grcie.


To take a less dramatic example, at Fred’s request, the Head of Department agrees to bring it about that he gives the Kant lectures if his appointment is extended. I did, however, express my conditional belief — it is not as though I said nothing. The theories to be discussed do not fare better or worse when restricted to a particular fonditionals. We are entirely agnostic about this.

Indicative Conditionals

Classical, Early, and Medieval Poetry and Poets: Conditional commands can, likewise, be construed as having the force of a command of the consequent, conditional upon the antecedent’s being true. Any propositional attitude can be held categorically, or under a supposition. condihionals

Ways of handling compounds of conditionals have been proposed on the basis of these semantic values.