SUPPORT HOME · Software · MANUALS · HOW TO DOWNLOAD MANUALS You can view, download and/or print your manual. Need help downloading?. GigaPan Capture Studio Manual. Capture Studio Overview. GigaPan Capture Studio allows you, the Photographer, the ability to tether your laptop directly to. GigaPan manuals are available to download and print. Choose your manual by visiting the manuals download page. Follow the directions below on how to.

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Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. You can also operate the unit while the battery is charging, if there is a sufficient level of charge on the battery. The quick menu is accessed by pressing and holding the left X button for one to two seconds.

You have the ability to maanual one of the following items for each of the quick menu items.

Quick Start Guides

Motors Rigid – The ‘On’ setting will help hold large lenses in position when you gigalan not in a ‘Move’ mode, or actively capturing a panorama. By paying close attention to the focus both before and during shooting, you can create panoramas wih ulta high resolition and incredible clarity in their detail.

Lockup-time – Is used in conjunction with ‘Mirror Lockup’ and your camera’s mirror lockup settings. Member Log In Username Password. Visit today to share, explore and discover.

You are able to incrementally increase the amount of time that the focus signal is asserted when using autofocus. Previous — Repeat the previous panorama. Estimate the center of mass of the camera and lens. Your options are columns – right, columns – left, rows – down, or rows – up.

For the EPICextend the metal plate on the camera mounting plate by loosening the two thumbscrews and adjusting the metal plate to accommodate the size of your camera. Page 32 If you used a third-party tool to create your panoramas, you can upload them using Giga- Pan Upload software, which automatically installs with GigaPan Stitch. City scenes In cities, you need to be more aware of objects in motion—specifically vehicles and people. For best results, disable any image stabilization or auto power down features.


Quick Menu Setup – Allows you to change which four items will be accessible from the quick menu. Gigapan Epic Pro Parts Introduction 1. GPS will make it easier.

How to Download Product Manuals (PDF files)

Test Shutter – Allows you to optionally test your settings such as single shutter, multiple shutters, exposure bracketing, and or mirror flip-up before starting the capture of a panorama. Some menu items will be available dependent upon other settings. It is important to allow enough time for the camera to process the current photograph and copy the data from the cameras buffer memory to the flash memory.

This is especially useful for the timelapse function. Quick Menu Setup – Allows you to change which six items will be accessible from the quick menu. Stitch The Gigapan Stitch software assembles, aligns and blends the individual images into one large panorama. Zoom into thousands of stunning panoramas from around the world with the amazing GigaPan Viewer. One exposure value separation is equivalent to doubling or halving the shutter speed when you keep the aperture and ISO constant.

Some cameras will light an LED while the photograph is being transferred. Turn the latch counterclockwise and pull it yigapan battery holder away from the unit to remove it from the chamber.

Rechargeable NIMH or Lithium batteries are recommended Be prepared with a spare set of batteries, especially if using alkaline. You can set the exposure value separation to 0. Shutter Teach – This setting is an alternative method of defining exposure bracketing timing or multiple pictures where you “teach” the EPIC Pro how you would like the camera’s shutter button to be pressed. Secure your camera to the camera mounting plate with the camera mounting screw, centering the lens with the diamond cutout.


L evel the camera rail. GigaPan User Guide 4.

Download Manuals, EPIC Pro Manual, EPIC Manual, EPIC Manual & Quick Start Guides

Factory Reset – Resets certain options to their default values. Plug the connector end of the power cord into the battery and then plug the power cord into an AC wall socket. The Remote setting will use the electronic trigger cable to connect the EPIC Pro to the remote shutter port on your camera.

Then use the directional keys to set the upper left and lower right corners of your panorama. The reference point is in addition to placing the tripod in the same location. You can set ‘Aspect Ratio’ to the following values of width to height 1: Onboard bubble level for horizontal alignment. Loosen the camera rail by turning the knob underneath the rail clockwise. Share, discuss, snapshot and more. Strong and durable yet lightweight – Excellent design with magnesium chassis and aluminum arm, the EPIC Pro weighs less than 8 lbs with battery pack.

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Also See for Epic Pro User manual – 58 pages. This is especially important for large and longer focal length lenses.