DA FORM 2408-17 PDF

Feb 24, For use of this form, see DA PAM ; the proponent agency is DCSLOG. EDITION . UHASAM FORM LOGBOOK. Full text of “Army Form A_17” – Internet Archive: 4. 5. ITEM NO. NOMENCLATURE CHECK NUMBER 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. DA FORM , NOV EDITION. Get the U.S. Army Form DA AIRCRAFT INVENTORY RECORD. Description. U.S. Army Form DA Author: U.S. Army. The first page by.

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When safety-of-flight information applies to more than one type of aircraft, an individual supplement is issued for each type of aircraft involved. It supersedes the preceding publication, together with all changes, supplements, and appendixes. Prepared in the format of a published change, the message provides the exact language of the changed material. TBs for specific items of equipment are numbered in 2408-117 same manner as TMs for that item. You 22408-17 get automatic emails informing you of the progress of your inquiry.

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In a small unit, they may be filed in the maintenance office or QC office. DD Form series, charts, and any other pertinent data about the aircraft’s weight and balance are maintained in a permanent binder.

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Some of the equipment used by the Foem is procured through the Air Force. This inspection determines the following:. Minor changes to the guide appear in the USASC publication, Flightfax, which is distributed monthly to all aviation units. To establish an Air Force publications account use the following procedures:.

The maintenance officer establishes priorities for TI work assignments but does not supervise the work. QC is a management function.

Army Publishing Directorate

Minor changes accumulate before being printed. All publications applicable to equipment maintained and names of maintenance personnel are listed. For example, all FMs in the series 1 series are about aviation operations— FM Once the initial index is received, all further orders are requested using DD Form These messages provide information of a maintenance technical or general nature.

These pubs can help you inventory aircraft and other items like the GCS, ground data terminals, launchers, satellite ground data terminals or TALS. However, publications to support these interservice items are not always 208-17 with the equipment.

If no repair work or maintenance is involved and only an inspection required, the TI performs the inspection and signs off with no recheck. TI annotates any changes that affect the aircraft’s weight and balance on these forms. The kit contains an instruction manual and training DVD that explains the simple step process for restoring acrylic aircraft windows. Get to know this list of general aircraft TMs: It ensures that the final product is reliable, areas are inspected before they are covered with access panels or components, and mistakes are discovered and corrected on the spot.


Army publications describe policies and procedures used in aircraft maintenance and maintenance management. TIs ensure that all requirements of applicable aircraft TBs are met and required entries are made on applicable DA forms. You can also send an email to:.

Many times a TI is not completely familiar with the area or item being inspected. This index is available only on microfiche. That simplifies inventory and reduces the risk of foreign object damage FOD. Keep a file of all safety inspections in the QC section and a file copy in the subject area inspected.

The procedure is fprm same as for MWOs. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The parent unit’s orders are sufficient authority to sign off a red-X or circled-red X on aircraft belonging to another unit DA Pam An example of these TBs is the following:.

There is no charge for Navy publications, but there is a charge for blank forms.