CATIA allows the user to perform design optimisation in a short time using “ product engineering optimiser” inside the “knowledgeware” module. CATIA Knowledgeware. CATIA® V5R Formulas. Formulas are used to build relationships between parameters. They are the first type of relation that you will. Catia V5 knowledgeware awareness session. Francois Trudel. DS Service, Lean Engineering. KBE Development Application Consultant.

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Change the part number in the Edit name or value of the current parameter field. Caatia includes a comment indicating the reason for a range of values— Add range and Add comment were used in combination to provide the desired range and indicate the reason for it.

Only parameters which are not already constrained by any other relation or by any other design table can be used to create a design table. U3 has a range of acceptable values created using Add range ; there is no indication that this Knowledgeware technique is in use unless you enter a value that exceeds the allowable range.

If you click the document root feature in the specification tree, you display all the document parameters. Specifying a parameter value as a catja.

Parameters and relations order now corresponds to the creation order. Editing or modifying a formula. Specifying a measure in a formula or. Relations Parameters Formulas Design Tables. Specifying a tolerance Length or Angle parameter only. Select one of the material in the library which is displayed.


Click the icon in the Knowledge tool bar. Specifying a measure in a formula. Modifying the Part Number. You must edit the comment to access the URL. Specify knowledgewarre for a parameter and indicate whether the limit values are included or excluded from the acceptable range.

Select Properties from the parameter contextual menu. Creating a multiple-value parameter. Edit the material parameter from the specification tree, then enter the new material in the parameter editor.

Displaying parameters in the f x dialog box. To do so, use one of the 2 methods described below:. Measure item Set a parameter equal to the measurement of a single entity.

Right-click it and select Relations.

Adding a comment to a parameter. Similarly, select Operators to see basic mathematical and Boolean operators. Edit comment Add a comment to indicate the reason for the limits applied to a parameter. Select know,edgeware relations set that you want to reorder in the specification tree. The first relations set or parameters set knowledgeqare a document cannot be reordered. Create a formula based on existing definitions or measurements in the model.

In the Formulas Editor, select the parameter that you have just created. Click the icon located next to the parameter value field.

CATIA Knowledgeware Infrastructure

For example, if you create a displacement boundary condition in Step 1 and use a Knowledgeware formula to modify the value for Step 2, the resulting value will be propagated to Step 3. In the specification tree, right-click the design table to be deleted, then select Delete.


The import file must be either a. Note that if you try to delete a relations set containing another relations set with hidden relations, the message will be displayed.

You can now reorder parameters sets and relations sets as you already could do for parameters and relations. Enter the following formula into the editor and click OK when done:.

Applying Knowledgeware

If a parameter is already constrained, it does not appear in the Parameters to insert list in the design table dialog box. A knowlesgeware indicator located at the relations set level indicates that the set contains hidden relations.

The Measure Between dialog box is displayed. Select the Part Number from the parameters list. The Edit Parameter window is displayed.

Design Optimisation Using CATIA Knowledgeware Module

Right-click the Value field of the Edit name or value of the current parameter field and select Add Multiple Values You can also include a URL to a web page or a file that contains supporting information. Quickly Accessing Parameters in the Formulas Editor. A default name is given to the parameter. Displaying only a formula definition in f x.

In this case, the New step dialog box is displayed and you can enter another step.