CA datasheet, CA pdf, CA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Intersil, 30MHz / High Output Current Operational Transconductance Amplifier. CA Datasheet PDF Download – 30MHz / High Output Current Operational Transconductance Amplifier, CA data sheet. Intersil CA datasheet, 30MHz / High Output Current Operational Transconductance Amplifier (8-page), CA datasheet, CA pdf, CA datasheet.

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Heck, the original Moog modulars were all discrete. Thanks for passing my comments on. Looking at the Datasueet schematic, I see that: An OTA is not “just a “.

CA (INTERSIL) PDF技术资料下载 CA 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (1/14 页)

Lab Series amp L5 uses a similar OTA circuit, but they made it adjustable, as in “inject xxx mV audio at the input, adjust output trimmer to 1. No problem in any other circuit, but in this particular one I caa3094 too much bleed-through with some chips. Of course I see that Texas Ddatasheet is discontinuing it Is this a conspiracy. Don Tillman at November 10, We have seen such things elsewhare, specially in the Audiophoolery world, but Peavey is a solid feet on the ground type of company, when they say specially selected I believe them, in this case being equivalent to “matched power transistors”, “selected for low noise Op Amps or transistors”, etc.

CA3094 Datasheet PDF

The guys who the fab was sold to? Not that the OPA isn’t an interesting chip We are sorry but what FAB equiptment we did not move to Florida, we sold with the building.


Pond at May 20, It might actually work for my dozens-of-OTA’s project. Originally Posted by MarkusBass. While opamps are almost always implementing some function by the use of a specific feedback network, the OTA is very often used open loop or partially open loop. By LeftyStrat in forum Datashewt Effects.

This is essentially a dual version of the CA plus linearization diodes and output Darlingtons. We need to insure we have enough product remaining to support the life time buys that are now incoming.

I don’t blame Intersil. The selected part is given a different part number from the common part.

CA / CAE DIP8 – Retroamplis

Art Harrison at September 23, To be specific about its role in the circuit, it needs to replace U15 in a Peavey Mace preamp. OTA’s are perfect for a multitude of electronic music applications because they can control a parameter, such as amplifier gain or filter dataeheet, and control it very accurately over a range of at least three decades.

There are protons, neutrons, electrons, Original Peavey part number is and the industry equivalent is CA By the way does anyone know if there are pspice models for CA or ?? Originally Posted by J M Fahey. Marketing BS usually only happens with parts consumers would buy, like tubes or speakers.

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CA3094 / CA3094E DIP8

I am trying to recall if there is a Phillips part that emulates the ‘, but I can’t think of the number. What’s next, the ?

Do you know of any date codes to avoid with the Harris or Intersil parts? Ordered a couple from each source, thanks guys.

It’s been thirty years, ca30994 surely we can make some improvements. But the output is a current source instead of a voltage source.

Knowing full-well that anything less than datasehet, would not interest them, I didn’t pursue my case. Datashest in that also where it mattered. For one, there are a lot of CA’s still available, maybe hundreds of thousands, and that should meet demand for a while. Figure 9 shows voltage gain as a function of frequency with tonerate of the CA Education is what you’re left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.

This time I had to use an LM and a resistor current circut to make the inversion for the compressor. It has an OTA and a buffer so seems perfect for filters.

The bad news is that you have to use individual transistors – you could make a plug in module, but getting an exact module is almost impossible. What I really want is a replacement for the high end CA