A political history of post-Kassite Babylonia, B.C (Analecta Orientalia) [ J. A Brinkman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In there was published in J CS 16 “A Preliminary Catalogue of Written Sources for a Political History of Babylonia: B.c.” wherein the Author. A political history of post-Kassite Babylonia: B. C.. J. A Brinkman Published in in Roma by Pontificium institutum biblicum. Services. Reference.

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A political history of post-Kassite Babylonia, 1158-722 B.C

Frequendy it is not even possible to tell where a letter post-kassiye, although the gods mentioned in the introductory post-kassiite were often important locally and therefore provide a clue.

Arameans At different times Aramean tribes were found throughout most of the Near East. In order to avoid lengthy argumentation and running the risk of “creating” a history for this period based upon conjectured interpretations of letters whose meaning and background cannot be proven with some reasonable degree of probability, I have not attempted to account for every letter or letter fragment which may conceivably date to this period.

Miueilungen der Vorderasiatisch-Agyptischen Gesellschaft Texte aus der Umwelt des Alien Testaments. Series Analecta orientalia ; 43 Subjects Politieke geschiedenis.

Coconut Grove, Florida, Catalogue et copies cuneiformes, Hautes Etudes Orientales Alter Orient und Altes Testament 6. These are described in chapter 4- their respective social relationships and cultural backgrounds are outlined ‘since these factors influenced their actions and reactions in the important historu of The main body of this study is a detailed chronological reconstruction of the major political events from to chapters Sillaya had even denied the city access to water from the Banltu canal.

Arameans tend to have been less Babylonianized than Chaldeans even though their presence in Babylonia preceded the Chaldeans’. James for preparing the maps and the drawing of the Zinjirli stela, and to the editors of the series Uitgaven van het NederlandsHistorisch-Archaeobgisch Instituut te Istanbul, especially C. They managed to alienate Sennacherib from Esarhaddon, but Esarhaddon claims that his father never changed his mind about keeping him as his heir.


These agents were to report on conditions, including the actions of Babylonian officials, from the Assyrian point of view, since local officials might babyloniw give him biased views of conditions in the areas they administered. Strabo also wrote that the “Kossaei” contributed 13, archers to the army of Elymais in a war against Susa and Babylon. In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up.

Vorderasiatische Schriftdenhnaler der Kdniglichen Museenzu Berlin. Since bwbylonia combined total for all four tribes requires the Bit-Dakkun to have had thirty-three walled towns, it seems likely that a line containing the names of seven towns belonging to the BIt-Dakkuri had been omitted in this copy of the text On this error, see also Eph’al, Ancient Arabs, p.

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Completed and edited by H. Sennacherib’s inscriptions clearly include the Bit-Yakin among the Chaldean tribes Luckenbill, Serin.

Dietrich refers to ABL rev. The Kassite kings maintained control of their realm through a network of provinces administered by governors. He was ordered instead to write in Akkadian, politcal because fewer i. Reprint edition with corrections, Oxford, I wish to express my gratitude to the authorities and staff of several museums for permission to examine documents in their collections and for their cooperation and assistance.

Safavids Ottoman Iraq Mamluk dynasty. Without the help of these three individuals, who served on my doctoral committee, this study would never have been completed.

A political history of post-Kassite Babylonia : B. C. – Ghent University Library

Esarhaddon and Urtak corresponded on friendly terms and may even have exchanged their own children as hostages. Streck’s reasoning for the dating of the celebration is, however, not sound. pozt-kassite

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The Nimrud Wine Lists: Untersuchungen zur historischen Topographs Nordmesopotamiens nach keilschriftlichen Quellen des 1. A document dated at Sippar on the second day of the twelfth month of mentions two qurbutu- officials— likely servants of the Assyrian king— and the “chief bird catcher of the king. See also Lambert in Deller Festschrift, pp. Found at these bookshops Searching – please wait During the yearsthe Arameans histtory not known to have provided any major leader or to have led poliitcal country- wide anti- Assyrian action, though they did support actions against Assyria.

The most powerful of these Indo-Europeans were the Hittites who ruled Anatolia, and later extended their dominion over northern Syria, but their connection with our three cultures is not direct, unles more Hittite influence was felt in Urartu than has so far appeared.

Presumably he had wanted to discover what they were doing or how they stood with regard to anti-Assyrian actions.

Goucher College Cuneiform Inscriptions. In both cases you should know how to switch cookies back on! It was Sennacherib who had changed Assyrian policy, and he had done so only toward the end of his reign and then out of a desire to exact revenge on Babylon for its particular sins. It is to be hoped that the forthcoming editions and studies of the individual letters and letter fragments by the Neo- Assyrian Text Corpus Project, and future joins of fragments, will allow us to eliminate some of the uncertainties in the use of these texts.