2SK datasheet, 2SK circuit, 2SK data sheet: SANYO – N-Channel Junction Silicon FET(FM Tuner Applications),alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet . 2SK Transistor Datasheet, 2SK Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. 2SK Datasheet PDF Download – N-Channel Junction Silicon FET, 2SK data sheet.

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Please check circuit prior to replacing transistor, the same number does not always 2sk2112 that pin outs are the same. High quality, pre-drilled printed circuit boards for experiments, prototypes, one-off projects, etc.

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Heat disipation is around 25W. Increased output power, higher gain and precise tube matching with minimal drift Also maintains an impressive tonal clarity.

Receiving rave reviews for its superior tone and sonics. Many of the best sounding classic guitar amps by Fender, Ampeg, Magnatone, Valco and many others used Sprague Atom series electrolytics.

Please contact us if you can not find your required IC. From the same manufacturer that supplies Fender, etc. Audio Research uses them, as does Marshall. This incredible little module operates in high power BTL mode for a mono output of 22Wrms into datashee 11W into 8ohmor can be quickly modified to operate in stereo mode giving 5. Stereo double open circuit.


Premium quality made in 2sm212 or UK. Vintage Type with metal ferrule. Have you spent valuable time going through various data books looking for clues?

Code m 28m SW30 Phone: These new polypropylene film caps have much better leakage characteristics too. In most cases the specs are similar but pin outs are not. You will find the EP22 easy to set up, efficient and stable. Datasbeet this situation you must use a very highly specified heat transfer compound.

Datasheets history of inquiries : datasheets for Electronic Components and Semiconductors

Very realistic mids with a sweet top. Mono input jack, 4 Solder terminals. Sweet mids, deep bass, extended highs. Very compact at only 32 x 36 x 20mm.

A new and improved range of tubes have arrived from Russia and claim to rival Mullards and better the classics of old. Double woven cloth jacket, wax coated, with Celanese inner braiding.

2SK212 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. It maintains a linear response while being able to accept a full voltage. Can be used for effect pedal input. This will assist us in sourcing the part. This module can operate from 9Vdc to 25Vdc 12VV Nom making the EP22 suitable for use in many different replacement or project applications. The IC is a genuine Toshiba Chip boasting impressive performance and phenomenal device protection! If you discover a successful substitution, datashewt let us know including all relevant details.


These sturdy, axial lead, aluminium electrolytic capacitors are preferred by most craftsmen for authentic vintage guitar amp and hi-fi restorations. Suit most transistor and IC datahseet. For our full comprehensive range see Section With black Plastic nut.

Classic large plate Mullard design. Sold only in matched pairs. To make things more confusing,the KS is left off the device there fore C is the only marking on the transistor. Volume 1 Contains listings on devices A The listing consists of a short description and where daasheet, possible substitutions, thus finding information will be so much easier.

Manufacturers stand by their quality control testing and DO NOT accept warranty claims on semiconductor devices. New materials and technology make these new release valves the best in the world. Turn left on Fun Valley Rd. Therefore this should be read in conjunction with the Transistor Manual to ensure that cases and pin-outs are the same and that the transistor with the best specs is chosen.